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Our story

Simpli Simbi's story

Our process


Each Simpli Simbi piece originates from a unique hand carved original, which is in turn hand cast in sand.  Molten aluminium from a furnace is poured into the cast and cooled. Pieces are carefully examined and if they do not pass the stringent quality control are re-melted and the aluminium is re-used to cast new pieces. The unfinished piece is then cut and taken through a polishing process to enhance its character and function.  Final fittings and cleaning bring out the beauty of the piece ready for your delight. The process is energy efficient, using very little water and electricity.  We use recycled aluminium for our pieces, further enhancing our efforts to preserve the environment.
Simpli Simbi’s beaded range proudly uses hand blown glass beads made by a local Zimbabwean artist.  The use of Simpli Simbi’s recycled aluminium utensils with her hand blown glass beads together create a unique range of Zimbabwean hand crafted products.  Because they are hand crafted, no two beads can ever be exactly the same, lending to the authenticity and uniqueness of each item. The range further echoes Zimbabwe with influences taken specifically from Africa, including animals such as the giraffe, zebra and guinea fowl, the might waters of the Zambezi and Lake Kariba, the powerful African sun and vibrant, green grass after the rains.
Our fabric range is created using our designs sketched and then hand screen printed on locally grown Zimbabwean cotton. 
Recycled aluminium

The aluminium used is usually sourced from scrap car radiators and single-use drinks cans.  This waste would be dumped and disposed of in landfills. Simpli Simbi sources scrap aluminium from all over Zimbabwe and are dedicated to the recycling process and keeping our environment clean.


This is not your average metal product, why?:


Hand crafted



No tarnish, No rust



Our Team

Simpli Simbi is a family owned business based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. Set up in 2009, Simpli Simbi has grown steadily over the years, through women-led management and direction. Simpli Simbi is a business which supports Zimbabwean artists in a country where it can be difficult to sustain a livelihood.

 Simpli Simbi's team of artists